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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS) Causes And Treatment

Have you ever had this moment? The second or third day after exercise, your muscles will be more sore than when you just finished the exercise. This is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which defines the accumulated and intensified muscle soreness one or two days after high-intensity exercise. DOMS is not just pain, but also weakness and difficulty in movement in the affected parts of the body. Stretching while the muscles are in a contracted state, such as running downhill, usually causes DOMS.


DOMS generally occurs after high-intensity training. Common post-exercise muscle soreness may be caused by lactic acid accumulation and muscle fatigue, but the cause of DOMS may be more complicated.

According to the article What Is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and What Can You Do About It? by Daniel Wiznia, MD in Healthline:High-intensity exercise can cause tiny, microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Your body responds to this damage by increasing inflammation, which may lead to a delayed onset of soreness in the muscles.

Pretty much any high-intensity exercise can cause DOMS, but one kind in particular, known as eccentric exercise, often triggers it.

Eccentric exercises cause you to tense a muscle at the same time you lengthen it.

For example, the controlled, downward motion as you straighten your forearm after a biceps curl is an eccentric movement. The way your quads tense up when running downhill is also an eccentric movement.


DOMS usually occurs 12-48 hours after exercise. Muscle soreness and tension are the most common symptoms, and can lead to a decrease in muscle contraction speed and contraction angle range. However, these discomforts usually begin to ease within 3 days after exercise and return to normal within 7 days. If symptoms persist, you need to see a doctor or sports injury specialist for examination. So how to relieve DOMS?


A 2017 review of multiple studies found that people who received massages 24, 48 or 72 hours after strenuous exercise had significantly less pain than those who did not receive post-exercise massages. Massages 48 hours after exercise seem to work best.

At this time, a full-leg massager is the best answer. QUINEAR's new Professional Leg Recovery System is designed specifically for sports trainers. It uses air compression to help muscles relax, relieve pain, and prevent and relieve DOMS.

Excellent design:

Full leg massage

QUINEAR leg massager design for full legs, no matter where on the leg, you can enjoy the massage. Let the pain have nowhere to escape.

ZONE choose

Design for 4 ZONES (foot/lower calf/upper calf/thigh) to leg recovery, you can choose full leg massage or just individual leg zone recovery, which can accurately help leg soreness and fatigue, speed up recovery and muscle relaxation, target to the problems.


QUINEAR recovery system will bring you portable use experience with 2500mAh air pump controller long stand battery, use it NO NEED socket. Plus, a complimentary travel bag makes it easy to take wherever you go.


QUINEAR compression recovery boot comes with 11 intensities (40-150mmHG). Compared with other massagers, this leg massager has a large enough pressure value. You can try using it to relieve muscle soreness after strenuous exercise.

With powerful cordless leg recovery system, QUINEAR air compression boots will offer a full-leg (include knees) massager therapy by inflating and deflating the sleeves sequentially with 4 air chambers to develop the circulating pressure on the leg, also used for squeezing and compress restless legs to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle pain, lymphedema,promote body relaxation and health.

Cold Baths

Immersing your entire body in a cold bath (50-59°F or 10-15°C) for 10 to 15 minutes can reduce the severity of DOMS.

Cold baths have become a popular self-treatment for competitive athletes.

Warm Baths

Try soaking in a warm bathtub. Moist heat or a warm bath can also relieve the pain and stiffness associated with DOMS.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

More research is needed, but some findings suggest that eating certain foods or taking certain supplements may help relieve DOMS.

Plan your fitness routine wisely and don’t let DOMS get in the way of your fitness routine. Take steps to mitigate its effects by slowly increasing the intensity of your workouts. It’s important to relax your muscles after exercise.

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