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30 Nov, 2021

By hqt


If you are a car owner, you probably should have, on one or more occasions, considered improving the audiosystem of your car.And no doubt, on more occasions, you would have opted on getting a new amplifier oradding more speakers. Since getting an amplifier is quite expensive, this is often a headache for car owners.But do you know you can increase the sound of your car speaker without an amplifier?

Apropos of this, this article pinpoints and explains the ways you can make your car speakers louder withoutan amplifier.

Ways to Make Your Car Speaker Louder without an Amplifier

So here's the real deal You can make the quintessential amplifier, as it may seem, look quite useless, as peryour car speaker.So how do you it? There are major ways these can be achieved:

  • Damping
  • Use of Subwoofers
  • Applying Noninvasive Add-ons
  • Getting Fresh Cable Connections

So you're seeing “damping" and you must be probably wondering what kinda word is that.The complete bestway to increase the sound quality of your car without the use of an amplifier is to, as much as possible, reducethe noise coming from the inside of your vehicle. This is exactly what damping is. The lesser sound the interiorof your car emits, the more you get to appreciate the sound coming from your car's audio system.

In summary, the aim of damping is to, as much as possible, minimize the sound which your car produces as aresult of its vibration during motion. Damping involves adding an insulating material that insulates your vehiclepanels, leading to less vibration, less noise and subsequent increase in the sound of your car speaker. Now,what areas should be dampened to increase the sound of your car:


One major area to dampen in your car to increase the sound of the car speakers are your doors. This isbecause the doors of your car contribute, to a large extent, the interior noise from your car. There are anumber of damping materials you can use for this and a good one is the Dynamic SuperLite Tripak Kit.

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